The Michael Jackson Religion

Part of the book Fucked-up Mind. (still being translated) Morphosyntactic Rating: - [Michael Jackson] noun masc singular. - [Michael Jackson] adjective masc singular. Synonyms: Jacko, Jacksonian. Antonyms: Joe Jackson, anti-Jackson, Prince. Related words: moonwalking, salvation, end of times, new era, thriller, truth, heaven, never land, Peter Pan. Michael Jackson: The term can either be used … Continue reading The Michael Jackson Religion

Book of Unicorns: Creation

In the beginning there was nothing. And then there was the potato. And there were those who were eternal: the unicorns. And there were five unicorns. And they were called Arakolyts, Jajatops, Hopuiyu, Gatueus and Raul-Chico. And the unicorns loved the potato. And then in their worship they created the earth so that the potato … Continue reading Book of Unicorns: Creation