Book of Unicorns: Creation Story part of the book:┬áKeep calm, there are no rhinoceros in this book In the beginning there was nothing. And then there was the potato. And there were those who were eternal: the unicorns. And there were five unicorns. And they were called Arakolyts, Jajatops, Hopuiyu, Gatueus and Raul-Chico. And the unicorns loved the … Continue reading Book of Unicorns: Creation

Sentenced, executed, catch me if you can

"Someone should have slandered Josef K., for without him doing any harm he was arrested one morning." Franz Kafka The guilty wakes up one morning. Big, fake, questioning. Born into a world he did not create. Responsibility for a life which he does not have. Condemned by a hand he does not see. Do you … Continue reading Sentenced, executed, catch me if you can