Fucked-up Mind

On sale in Amazon!

What will you find in this book, in this Fucked-up Mind? Prophetic visions of the past and the future, surreal tales with slight hints of dark humor. Follow Dante Alighieri through the horrors of Disneyland; the philosophy of “It’s potato!”, often used by Nelson Rodrigues; discover how a famous Brazilian journalist, Capybara, went to the moon in 1969; read the holy scriptures of the religion dedicated to the prophet Michael Jackson; see the adventures of a mustachioed president of Latin America’s corruptiest country, El Dourado; learn about nasal sex and its repercussions on society; follow the romantic misadventures of Orson Welles; be guided by John Lennon through the corridors of the largest cinematheque in the universe, containing all the films made, in addition to those only imagined and those not even thought of; mediunize Amy Winehouse’s afterlife in heaven, and much more!

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