A story of three naughty piglets in Lapa

9267a0ca7abdd0d60a5d2410d26b0864Once upon a time there were three girls who went out to party on a carnival’s night. The first, Michele, 19, blonde, blue eyes, wanted to be bold, but also didn’t want to waste much time on her costume, so she made one from straws. Only straws, bounded with a string, covering her voluptuous breasts and pubis. The second, Veronica, 22, a brunette, with very dark brown eyes, wanted to do a little different, but despite dedicating a little more time than the first, she didn’t have so much more work put on her costume, she made it from wood. Thin wood plates spread over her body like a dress, ending up over her voluptuous ass. The third, Jessica, 20, redhead, green eyes, wanted to be spectacular, and spent a whole week sewing a brick costume. Bricks that were cut like sequins and sewn into a fabric covering her whole body, revealing her lustful curves. There they were the three, in the early evening, walking by Mem de Sa Street, full of drunken and costumed people having fun. Many pick-up lines they heard, many sleazy men tried to conquer them, but nobody managed to do so. They just laughed at each other after every new try.

It was then that Michele confided to the others – first to point it out, but not the first to notice, for that was Jessica, whom had long since noticed him spying them – there, just behind Lapa’s arches, a Big Bad Wolf staring at them. The first two girls laughed at each other, witnessing those two large gallant eyes lusting at them, but they concluded that they had nothing to worry about. But the third wasn’t so sure about the safety of the two, and warned them to be wary – which was received by the other two with more laughter. Then came the Big Bad Wolf in their direction, and when he reached them, passed by as if he had not even noticed them. The three of them, especially Michele and Veronica, agreed with each other that they were relieved since they didn’t want to hear more pick-up lines from another sleazy man just passing by, but they by themselves were disappointed that he didn’t try anything.

“Haven’t he noticed her well-toned belly not covered by the straws?” Thought the first one.

“Haven’t he noticed her large cleavage reveled between the two slices of wood that covered her breasts?” Thought the second.

Finally, Jessica said to her friends:

– Let’s dance! Haven’t we come here tonight to have a good night of fun between girls!

What was received by Michele and Veronica with affirmative words, although also with malicious smiles. There they were the three looking for a bar or a nightclub, playing good music to dance. Everything but funk or country music – these genres were exclusive for the ugly, poorly dressed and of little education. On the way, however, Veronica had to go to the bathroom, and of course, asked for the company of the other two. Jessica went along, but Michele was left out to see the wire statues made by a street seller hippie.

There was Michele, earning a wire ring from the hippie, when she noticed next to her the Big Bad Wolf, also staring at the wire statues. He made a comment to her about one, that passed into a conversation about they both. At no moment, he gave her any pick-up lines, or tried to praised her in any shape or form. In fact, he did the opposite, played with everything she said about herself. And at every moment, Michele was more enchanted. Jessica and Veronica returned and were amazed to find her friend in the arms of the Big Bad Wolf. They called her to continue their search for a place to dance, but she only replied that she would find them later.

And there was Michele with the Big Bad Wolf. He told her that outside it was too noisy to be able to talk and took her to a street corner bar in front of Lapa’s famous staircase. There, they sat in an isolated corner and ordered some beers. The conversation quickly developed to hands caressing her knees. Initially, Michele tried to block the advances of the Wolf, but she didn’t stand and soon he was with his lips against hers. When the Wolf whispered in her ear that he was crazy to have her at that very moment. Michele said no. The Wolf, in turn, said:

– I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow until you can’t take it anymore!

And that was what he did on her neck, and she slowly melted all over for him. The straw costume made it easy for his hands to advance, which were soon caressing her all over, first clutching her voluptuous breasts as if milking them, then thrusting his hand through Michele’s panties, massaging her clit, penetrating her wet pussy with his two large, thick fingers, letting her groan in his ear, with all the warmth that rose through her body. The way it was, with all the heat and excitement between her legs caused by those two fingers, nothing else mattered to her. Maybe a waiter was watching all that, but that didn’t matter, for she was in the arms of the Big Bad Wolf. Suddenly, however, he stopped everything, and said they should go to the bathroom. Two doors, one for the sink, and another for which toilet to choose, male or female – there’s no more privacy than that. And there, while he suckled on her breasts, he made her hand run over his pants and feel his powerful erection, then lowered his pants and made her suck it. Michele put that thick cock into her mouth and sucked and sucked until it burst into her mouth. She wanted more, more, but there was nothing more the Wolf wanted to give her.

She adjusted the straw costume that covered her body, left the bathroom, they paid the bill and went back to the streets. Michele noticed a message from her friends on her cell phone, and, encouraged by the Big Bad Wolf, decided to meet them again. There they went looking for them. They were in the Democrat’s Club, dancing a samba-jazz. They both received her with malicious smiles and went to the bathroom to know it all. Veronica called her crazy, while she laughed, Jessica scolded her. They returned to the Big Bad Wolf, who was quick to comment on the shape of Veronica’s dress, on the long slices of wood running through her body. They were soon in a three-way conversation, since Jessica was not interested in participating. The Big Bad Wolf asked Michele and Veronica if as intimate friends the two had already had some lesbian experience, if they had already played “pillow” with each other. Inquiries received with a few more laughter. Veronica quickly fell to the charms of the Wolf, who was already with his hand around her waist, the same way he had the other around Michele. In a short time, the Wolf whispered in Veronica’s ear: I want you. Veronica said no, especially with her friend by their side. But the Big Bad Wolf continued and said:

– I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow until I’ve devoured you completely!

And he blew at her neck and she melted completely. But instead of continuing, he turned his attention to Michele and whispered something in her ear. Michele first flushed with embarrassment, then smiled maliciously, and guided by the Wolf’s arms, she approached Veronica, kissing her on the lips. Veronica returned the kiss, sucking her lips into hers. Jessica was already talking to someone else when they came to tell her that they were hungry and would go out to eat, but soon they would come back and she didn’t have to worry. So the two left with the Big Bad Wolf for a motel in Gomez Freire street.

Arriving at a cheap motel in Gomes Freire, they picked up the room key under the suspicious eyes of the receptionist, who asked if any of them were underage. After passing through the labyrinth of corridors and doors, they arrived at a room that smelled of tobacco and cheap perfume that had passed from its validity date a long ago. There Veronica was uncertain about what they were going to do.

– I’ve never done this before – she said, also raising uncertainties in Michele who was already taking off her straw costume.

But the Big Bad Wolf began to blow and huff on their bodies until he had made all the straw and wood fly away. So he kissed them both first, then made them kiss each other again, as he went with his tongue through Michele’s voluptuous breasts. Then pulling Veronica through her hair, he also made her taste Michele’s breasts, handing them over completely, to begin to run his hands down Veronica’s body, finally squeezing her butt, to finally penetrate her. Michele lying down, with Veronica on top of her, tasting her breasts, and the Big Bad Wolf, blowing and puffing, as he heavily penetrated his thick cock into Veronica’s hot, wet vagina. Veronica’s butt jumped back and forth, following the movements of the Wolf, who continued to blow and puff. Finally, taking Veronica up to her feet, he began to tighten himself to her body as he bit into her neck, and released his cock from her tight vagina. Michele got up too, just to lean in front of both and snatch with her mouth the penis of the Big Bad Wolf. Taken by those powerful wet lips around his cock, the Wolf pushed down Veronica to accompany her friend, the two now disputing the control of his penis. Finally, stopping both, the Wolf once again made them kiss and lie down on the bed, while one was still on the lips of the other, opened Michele’s legs and penetrated his penis with full force, while with a hand, with two fingers, came back to penetrate Veronica as well. The two kissing, adding to the bounce of Michele’s breasts, added to the movement of Veronica’s butt, the warmth of their bodies, made him boil inside Michele.

Drowsy with their own warmth, lying glued to one another, the Big Bad Wolf staring at the mirror in the bedroom ceiling, they relaxed together, this until Veronica found herself remembering Jessica. They got dressed quickly and, still accompanied by the Big Bad Wolf, found Jessica, very angry, waiting for them on the Subway’s restaurant of Lavradio street. As always, they went to the bathroom to share it all, where they received her disapproval. After they returned to the table, the Wolf began to turn his attention to Jessica, who soon said:

– Not by the red hairs on my head! – and her bricks’ fantasy of no avail helped his hands in his advances.

Finally, the Wolf said:

– I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow until you are all mine! – and the Wolf huffed, puffed and blew at Jessica’s neck, but no effect came from that.

They left the Subway, the Wolf turned his attention again to Michele and Veronica, although still always looking at Jessica with his big eyes of desire. Once again at the bus stop, he said:

– I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow until you are all mine! – and the Wolf huffed, puffed and blew at Jessica’s neck, and this time he received a slap in response, which made him grab her by the waist to get her close to him. Jessica gave him another slap, which was received by the Wolf with a smile. He said:

– Go, hit me again! – and in her refusal, he took her hand and made her knock him again.

Jessica’s irritation got to the point where she took him by the hand, and abandoning her friends without saying a word, led him to the stones of the lawn in front of the Lapa’s arches, in a dark part hidden from the crowd. And there, with him seated on a stone, Jessica opened his pants, took off her panties and mounted him, making the Wolf chimney burn inside her with excitement. She rode the wolf, moaned in his ear, moaned, huffed, puffed, blew. Leaving the wolf with so much desire for her, to the point of him wanting remember to get her phone number, in order to continue their adventures furthermore. The two ended up sleeping heavily on each other arms in the middle of Lapa, among the people lost in the middle of the carnival.

At sunrise, the three little piglets were no longer at sight, and there was the Big Bad Wolf awakening from his stony floor bed, without his sneakers and his wallet, probably taken by some homeless thief after they had gone.

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