Book of Unicorns: Creation

unicornIn the beginning there was nothing. And then there was the potato. And there were those who were eternal: the unicorns. And there were five unicorns. And they were called Arakolyts, Jajatops, Hopuiyu, Gatueus and Raul-Chico. And the unicorns loved the potato. And then in their worship they created the earth so that the potato would settle there. And the earth was created and on it the potato settle. And there in their worship they saw that the potato needed light to be seen. And the sky was created and lit the potato. And many potatoes scattered across the land. And the unicorns found their adoration about so many potatoes small and decided that new beings should worship the potatoes. And Jajatops sodomized Arakolyts. And from Arakolyts came many new beings in the likeness of the five unicorns. And these new beings walked the earth and worshiped the potatoes. And for a long time there was peace and prosperity in the world, but then one of the unicorns in the likeness of the five stepped on a potato. And outrage was made. And division over the fate of this unicorn in the likeness arose among the five unicorns. And Arakolyts, Jajatops and Hopuiyu were in favor of forgiveness and that one could also worship the potato by stepping on it. And Gatueus and Raul-Chico were against, stipulating that one could not step on the potato, at most only chew it, and that all unicorns in likeness of the five should be punished by the actions of one. And won the majority and distance was made among the five unicorns. And Gatueus and Raul-Chico hated the unicorns in their likeness and decided to give life to new beings. And so they caught one of the unicorns in their likeness and distorted it, pulled their front paws off the ground and made it erect, pinched their snout into their faces and placed fingers on their paws. And to this new being they gave the name of man. And the man soon after being raised stepped on the potato. And in disgust, Gatueus and Raul-Chico stomped on him. And Gatueus and Raul-Chico made a new man exactly as before, but they deprived him of his wings and his horn. And the new man loved the potato and chewed it. And soon, like the unicorns, there were many men on the earth. And there was peace and prosperity, but then a man ate a unicorn in the likeness. And Arakolyts, Jajatops and Hopuiyu, who until then accepted the creation of their brothers, revolted and desired the destruction of man. And Gatueus and Raul-Chico refused to destroy their creation. And the majority won, men were destroyed and Gatueus and Raul-Chico were banished from living with the beings of the earth. And a lot of time passed. And Arakolyts, Jajatops and Hopuiyu were appeased in their fury for the death of the unicorn in their likeness. And Gatueus and Raul-Chico were once again accepted into living with their brothers. And after much time isolated in the darkness, Gatueus and Raul-Chico once again among their brothers met, but returned with rancor. And Gatueus thrust his horn through Jachatops’s eye when he was alone. And Jajatops’s brain gushed out of his eye hole. And then there were only four unicorns. And Raul-Chico created a new man, equal to those who had been destroyed, but four times bigger in size than the previous one. And Raul-Chico called him Gogaron and ordered him to eat Hopuiyu. And Gogaron ate Hopuiyu. And then there were only three unicorns. And Arakolyts fled into darkness before he could be executed by his brothers. And Gatueus and Raul-Chico recreated their original man and scattered it throughout the land. And Gatueus and Raul-Chico deprived the unicorns of their likeness, of their wings and their horn, and called them horses. And the horses were given to men as slaves. And there was peace and prosperity for a long time, but then Gogaron, the greatest man of all, felt alone and blamed the unicorns for his solitude. And Gogaron, the man greater than all, revolted and ate Gatueus. And Raul-Chico fled desperately from his own creation, now made so powerful with two of his brothers in the stomach. And Arakolyts returned and promised to end the loneliness of Gogaron. And Arakolyts took a man, gave him tits and a hole, and called him a woman. And many women were offered to Gogaron. And Gogaron calmed down and became the leader of men. And Arakolyts, satisfied with his work, also made women of the horses and called them mares. And Raul-Chico returned and, to establish his power, created other types of beings from the horses and the men. And Arakolyts did the same. And there was peace and prosperity in this land full of different beings, but then Liliana, one of Gogaron’s lovers, whispered in his ear. And Gogaron listening to the whisper decided that it was too little to be the leader of men in a world full of so many beings, decided that he should be a leader of more. And Gogaron ate Arakolyts and Raul-Chico. And Gogaron became the only supreme being of all that is. And Gogaron chewed the potato. And Gogaron loved the potato.

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